Real Estate Investment in India

Real Estate – An Evergreen Asset

The 21st century has brought a lot of investment options and opportunities worldwide. People often get confused nowadays regarding which option will prove better in the coming days. A recent trend is to pick some “high risk, high return” options, however, it is always important to keep the difference between just investing and investing wisely in mind. Although there are a lot of investment consultancies that have come forward to help people in all this, we think this is the best time to revive and reconsider an evergreen investment option, Real Estate.

In the investment arena, we strongly believe in the “old is gold” policy, by which we mean real estate; which offers strong security and slow but steady growth for ages. Let us discuss some of the key benefits this sector never fails to offer.

  1. The Positive Cash Flow:
    When we think of some of the promising passive sources of income, real estate investments never go out of fashion. When you have wisely chosen the location of your real estate, that investment is bound to bring consistent positive cash flow in terms of rent from the tenant. Urbanization and continuous development are bringing more opportunities into this. This rental cash flow can be made huge when the real estate you possess is given a renovation or developed systematically.
  2. Tax Savings:
    Taxes are the reasons that we are not able to enjoy every bit of our investment, however, this sector offers some unbelievable tax benefits which make real estate investments engaging than others. Generally, government tax breaks consider property depreciation, maintenance, and insurance and for long-term investments, people normally are subjected to lower tax rates which are add-on benefits. Also, rental incomes are exempted from self-employment tax which makes it even more attractive to invest in real estate which proves much more than being your own house.
  3. Appreciation:
    This is the only sector that has seen growth exclusively in past years. Steady rise is the key point to believe in this sort of investment which makes it less risky and trustworthy. As shelter always remains the basic human need, long-term investments in the real estate sector will always be beneficial. Also, the value of capital keeps increasing with the passing time, making investing in the real estate sector always fruitful and profit bringing.
  4. Inflation:
    Inflation is not problematic for real estate investments, however profitable in different ways. When there is sudden inflation, and basic human needs will become expensive to fulfil, your property will certainly bring you more cash flow through rents and maintenance. It is said that one wave of inflation drastically changes the outlook of a certain property.
  5. Secured and Safe Path:
    As we have been always taught “slow and steady wins the race”, the same is applicable here. A steady rise in real estate value through decades is becoming safer and secured with its trustworthy linear direction. This makes real estate sector investments evergreen when it comes to a long time investing.

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