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Home Builder in Amravati, Maharashtra

Ar. Prinkesh Soni


An Architect by qualification,  graduated with honours from Kamla Raheja College
of Architecture, Mumbai in 1998. A highly intellectual and diligent individual, Prinkesh derives his creative skill from Nature. With an experience of over 22 years, he brings high level of design aptitude to the table. Besides possessing excellent sketching and drawing skills, he is self-taught photographer. At Rachayati he leads and manages design development of all projects, he is closely involved with the development of projects from inception to completion.
He is a Registered Architect with the Council of Architecture, New Delhi, India.

Mr. Rajan Nigudkar

Hospitality & Property Management

A science graduate from Maharshi Dayananad College, Mumbai in 1981. An astute business man for last 38 years in state of the art printing process & in printing technology. He has a vast experience in different methods of printing on various surfaces. At Rachayati he leads and manages investments and returns in all projects, he handles and closely keeps an eye on all incomings and outgoings.

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